Lunch and Learn Presentations

Kristyn is a high energy, dynamic group facilitator, helping people achieve vitality and wellness, one bite at a time.
She takes a positive and supportive approach. Popular presentations include:

25 Ways to spring clean your diet and lifestyle

In this presentation, we will:

  • Guide you through a self-assessment of your current diet and lifestyle habits
  • Offer a menu of diet and lifestyle areas to spring clean
  • Outline how you can energize your nutrition for a healthier you!

Solutions to the 5 most common eating challenges at work

In this presentation, we will:

  • Discover how eating is related to your work
  • Examine the 5 most common eating challenges at work
  • Profile food ideas and inspiration for how to overcome eating challenges.

Food cults and diet tribes: Paleo Eating

In this presentation, we will:

  • Outline what are food cults & diet tribes
  • Explore the Paleo Diet – what is it? Does it work?
  • Find ways to eat that work for you.

Diet and lifestyle reset strategies

In this presentation, we will:

  • Outline 11 seasonal lifestyle de-railers
  • Outline 10 tips for getting started on your enhanced lifestyle
  • Provide inspiration to hit YOUR reset button to get YOU started.

  • Kristyn is an amazing resource on all things food, nutrition and well-being. She's always ready to serve up satisfying solutions whether actual food or lifestyle strategies. She is the real deal as an example of healthy living. From working together on a national Board and in a MasterMind group, she is highly professional, always dependable and exceptionally organized.  She works with a warm, collaborative style and always finds a way to bring out the best in people.
    Patricia Chuey, MSc, RD
    Foodtritionist & Author
  • Kristyn was great – she has so much energy. Very informative.
    Past Client
  • Engaging and enthusiastic. Very knowledgeable.
    Past Client
  • Kristyn is fun and positive.
    Past Client
  • Awesome. Easy to understand and friendly.
    Past Client
  • Kristyn is informative, welcoming and very good at answering questions.
    Past Client
  • Very pleasant personality - enthusiastic and passionate about nutrition and food.
    Past Client
  • Over the past couple of years, we've contracted Kristyn's services numerous times to present on behalf of our client, the BC Blueberry Council. She's hosted media events, presented a kids' cooking workshop, and done TV cooking segments for us. Kristyn has proven time and time again that she is a consumate professional: easy to deal with, well-prepared, reliable and detail-oriented, but also an engaging presenter and strong communicator. We would definitely recommend working with Kristyn!
    Wendy Underwood
    Fever Pitch Marketing Communications
  • Kristyn is a joy to work with! She is passionate about the profession, always ready to learn, and is absolutely professional when working with clients and colleagues! I will recommend her to all AB clients!
    Gloria Tsang, RD
    Author and Spokesperson at HealthCastle.com
  • Kristyn responded to my many goals by giving me the guidance and information I needed to inform my diet and nutrition choices. I learned how to balance my meals throughout the day by adding foods and the right mix of carb, protein and fats. I didn't experience as many cravings and tamed the binges. I started to feed my body when it was hungry. My body and energy feels more balanced and stable.
    I tried some of the recipes she gave me and I'm cooking now. Which is not something I would have thought I would ever do as I didn't like cooking at all.  But now I crave these recipes and look forward to making them. I now believe that learning to cook is the only way to truly make the change to this being a lifestyle rather than a fad.
    Past client
  • Thank you Kristyn, you have listened to me and supported me to make choices to determine my own plan. Rather than giving me a script that I would have to fit in to and eventually tire of or fail at. I think I have good habits to keep moving forward with and building on.
    Past client