Roasted Tomato Soup

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We are doing more pantry-cooking with 5 simple ingredients to create this yummy Roasted Tomato Soup. Serve with Grilled Cheese Croutons or a slice of fresh bread.

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Roasted Tomato Soup
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We are doing more pantry cooking with this recipe for Roasted Tomato Soup, using just 5 simple ingredients.
Serves: 6-8
  • 1 pound tomatoes
  • Garlic cloves (3-4), divided
  • ½ cup fresh basil, divided
  • 4 T extra virgin olive oil, divided
  • Salt and pepper
  • 28 ounce can whole tomatoes
  • 2 cups water
  • 3 cups bread, cubed (optional)
  1. The instructions of how to make this soup are shown in this video recipe demonstration.
  2. Garnish with cheese!

To see a video demonstration of this yummy Roasted Tomato Soup, click here.


Kristyn Hall
Kristyn Hall
Kristyn Hall MSc, RD Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Calgary, AB.

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