Basic self-care strategies to help you get through the Covid-holiday season + contest

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After this week’s announcement in Alberta about further lockdown, I am feeling empty and lost for inspiration. We’re all living through a tornado of polarized opinions. The tension is thick. And during a season where we naturally gravitate toward each other, we are unable to do something as simple as share a festive meal together.

Some people are feeling relieved that there are more restrictions, while some are feeling angry at the continued loss of freedom and for restrictions that are hard to make sense of. I am tired of hearing “we’re all in this together”, because together usually means we are together. The artificial virtual connections are better than nothing, but they not the same. As Brene Brown says, “we are hard-wired for connection.” I am sending you all a warm hug to exactly where you are right now. We will get through this.

I don’t think many people are thriving, and for many of us, this will be a time in our personal history where we need to dig deep and just focus on getting through.

When we lose our structure and rhythm to our lives, our self-care routines are often disrupted. For some people, this disruption is exactly what they have needed to build healthier habits. While for others, it’s made it difficult to find a structure that serves them. The natural “cues” to our habits may have been taken away. And while this disruption is temporary, it is tough to remember that in the moment.

I am not one to “roll over like a dead dog” and just stay stuck in my sadness. I am action-oriented and want to generate some positive spirit during this circumstances. While there is lots we can’t do, there are some things that we can do, that are within our control. We all would benefit from basic self-care strategies to help us get through a Covid holiday season.

I had a second year Nutrition and Food Science student from the University of Alberta, Brynn Brooks, work with me to create this
Holiday Season Self-Care Bingo card.

The intent of this bingo card is to help you focus on self-care strategies that you CAN do during this lockdown. And while none of us feel like doing much of anything these days, we also know that we will feel worse if we do nothing. 

So, let’s be brave and just get through this together.

Here is a printable Holiday Season Self-Care Bingo card that is complete with hyperlinks.
Will you participate?

Participate between November 27 – December 13th by sharing a picture or a social media post on Instagram or Facebook, and tag me. Each time you post, your name gets entered in for a draw (that I am funding – this is unsponsored). The more times you post, the better your chances for winning.

I have prizes for those who participate: a cookbook and a personalized meal-planning experience.

I hope you can have some fun with this. It is my way of trying to offer light and hope during some dark times.

Kristyn Hall
Kristyn Hall
Kristyn Hall MSc, RD Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian Calgary, AB.

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