Once you are in midlife, you don’t need to diet - but you do need to change how you eat. I have nutrition services to help.

Energize Nutrition will help you eat better, feel better, with food and nutrition, through nutrition counseling, coaching, meal planning and nourishment. We blend together medical nutrition therapy for your health profile with coaching and behaviour change strategies to help changes stick. We live it to lead it. But we aren't perfect. We don't expect you to be either.

We offer Nutrition Counseling & Coaching for:

• emotional eating and cravings
• women's health (including PCOS, peri-menopause, menopause, mental health)
• metabolic health (non-alcoholic fatty liver, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes)
• eating for energy and reduced inflammation

What will you get from working with me?

• Energizing goals & intentions based on what matters most to you
• Adding in nutrition to help you feel better, including dietitian-approved recipes.
• Meal planning for real life including meal and snack ideas.
• Mindful eating skills and practices
• Habit building & behaviour change skills
• Guided support and accountability
• Energy, education and a shame-free space to talk about your food and nutrition struggles.

1) Comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle assessment (75 minutes)

After understanding your goals and vision for yourself, we will review and assess:

• your health profile and history
• your food and beverage intake
• your relationship with food
• your movement, sleep, stress management practices

From this assessment, we will:
• create an energizing goal and intention based on what matters most to you.

We will make customized recommendations to help you energize YOUR nutrition with actionable steps, strategies & resources to add in nutrition to help you feel better. You will be infected with Kristyn’s positivity and will leave with an extra dose of motivation and empowerment.

Still unsure but curious about working with me? Let's hop on a 15-minute phone call (free) so you can get a taste of what I offer and whether my nutrition counseling & coaching services are a match for you.

2) Nutrition counseling & coaching

It took years to build your current diet and lifestyle. It will take time to redesign and build something new. Hold space for what matters to you. Nutrition counseling & coaching is active and experiential. Appointments may include

• Nutrition counseling, coaching support and accountability

• Boosting your motivation

• Personal training in your kitchen

• Meal planning for real life

• Mindful eating skill building

Nutrition counseling & coaching with Kristyn is like receiving on-going food therapy you didn't know you needed. Discover healthy, sustainable strategies you need to feel better, and reclaim your best health.

Ready to energize your nutrition? Work with me!

3) Meal Planning Services

You feel like you are failing for how you are feeding your family. Your meals are out of control. You want to be a role model for your family, but you can’t think of anything to make that will make everyone happy, while also working for YOUR health needs. Your meals do not have to be dictated by what your family will readily eat or reliant on take out. There ought to be a way to make one meal that will serve everyone and be good for you too. Break out of the cycle of take out and poor energy, so you can simplify your meals, save money and enjoy life.

4) Industry Consulting & Media Services

Need help with recipe development, cooking demonstrations, program development, blog posts, consumer writing and/or media work? Kristyn can help you reach consumers' minds through their stomachs! Experience the benefit of aligning your brand with the credibility of a dietitian and Kristyn’s energy.

Check out the companies and organizations I have worked with on my Industry Consulting Page

Still not sure?

Book a discovery call to see if you want to work with me, and figure which package would work best for you.

Check out my favourite nutrition resources

Office Hours

I offer personalized nutrition counseling & coaching at the Bridgeland Professional Building and by telehealth, Mondays through Fridays, business hours.

Is it Covered?

Consultations with Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians are usually covered by Health Spending Accounts and/or your extended benefits plan. Check with your benefits coordinator.

Couples receive one client at 20% off.


Contact me to arrange payment for services.

  • For all packages and services, payment is due by the end of the first appointment.
  • I want you to be energized and completely satisfied with all nutrition services and packages once purchased. If you are not happy with the services provided, please let me know what you need. Please also provide records of your worksheets demonstrating the work you have done outside of our appointments. Partial refunds may be considered, provided you have not already been reimbursed by your insurance.
  • All services are charged to the client. We can prepare all necessary information for you to collect your benefits from insurance companies upon request.

Cancellations/Change of Appointment

  • To maintain our operations, we require 24 hours on business days (M-F) notice via email to change or cancel your appointment. Otherwise your session will be counted as completed and you will be charged the full amount of the session.
  • We will send you an email reminder of your appointment.
  • No charge for changes or cancellations up to 24 hours in advance of appointment. A 50% payment requested for cancellations thereafter.