Happy Nutrition Month 2022!

This year’s Nutrition Month theme is “Ingredients for a healthier tomorrow” focusing on how how the food choices we make today influence our future health, the health of our communities and the planet.

Dietitians recognize that the factors that influence the future health of Canadians and the food they eat are challenging and complex. This is why dietitians are acting on the various “ingredients” needed to spark change. Ingredients like:

  • food security
  • food literacy
  • food sovereignty
  • sustainable food choices and
  • nutrition care and prevention.

These are the many areas where dietitians across Canada play an active and often leadership role. In terms of the work I do with people, I focus on food literacy, and nutrition care and prevention. To learn more about how I help men and women in midlife eat better and feel better with food, check out my Nutrition & Coaching Services.

Nutrition Month is a time to showcase dietitians and the many ways that they help Canadians.


Nutrition Month Recipes

For a free Nutrition Month Recipe Book, click the link below:

Nutrition Month 2022 Recipe Book

Nutrition Month 2021 Recipe Book