Ready to Energize Your Nutrition?


Energize your nutrition for vitality and wellness, one bite at a time!

Once you are 40, you don’t need to diet - but you do need to change how you eat. I can help you with mid-life health challenges: a lack of energy, unwanted weight gain, peri-menopause, IBS, digestive problems like heartburn, constipation, bloating, headaches, mental health (including depression and anxiety), healthy aging, inflammation, arthritis, hypertension, high cholesterol, weight management, emotional eating, mindful eating, meal planning, healthy cooking, healthy recipes, eating well while traveling, stress management, and wellness coaching.

1) Discovery call with a Nutritionist/Dietitian

Curious about working with a Dietitian and Nutritionist? This is a 15-minute phone call gives you a flavour for what I offer and helps you see whether my nutrition coaching services are a match for you and your goals.

I offer this call at no cost.

2) Personal Training in the Kitchen

Once you are 40, you don’t need to diet - but you do need to change how you cook and eat. This package offers a nutrition assessment, with a specific focus on your food and cooking skills. We will work with you to identify your wellness goals, learning needs, taste preferences. We will then create a teaching menu and cook recipes, helping you energize YOUR nutrition.

3) CravingChange™ package

Are you an emotional eater? Eating in a way that feels uncomfortable and not aligned with your health and wellness goals? Struggling with cravings?

This is a package for men and women over 40 years of age who know what they need to eat, but are having trouble making consistent nutrition changes. We will be a deep dive into your food-mind-body relationship, where we will explore your own personal eating triggers and responses. You will learn how to work with your food-mind-body relationship, and enhance your vitality and wellness.

4 week guided package (to be used over 12 weeks)

Also available as a small group offering.*

4) Energize Nutrition’s Forty and Fabulous Getting Started Package

Are you overfed, but poorly nourished? This is a package for men and women over 40 years of age who need personalized support and coaching as they begin to design a lifestyle to enhance their health and vitality. In this 4-session package, using a positive and supportive approach, we will look at the intricacies of your life that are keeping you away from an energized life. You will:
• Learn ways your eating and lifestyle needs to change now that you are over 40 years young.
• Learn the key nutrients your body needs at this stage of life and whether you are getting enough.
• Learn the right supplements to take for your age, stage and health.
• Learn a simplified approach to eating, including anti-inflammatory foods to choose, which foods to limit, how to balance each food type, portion size, and an optimal frequency of eating for your goals and lifestyle.
• Start to explore your food-mind-body relationship, making a connection between what you eat and how your body feels.
• Enhance your meal planning with simple supper-time savours, customized to your unique health.
• Identify habits that are moving you toward (or away from) your goals.
• Learn how to energize your nutrition and kick 40 in the butt!
• Appointments by telehealth available.

  • My inability to control my weight left me feeling quite stuck. Kristyn was able to help me get started again. Like many women, I know a great deal about food, calories and diets so her ability to hone in on my unique weight problems made me trust her judgement in all areas regarding food choices. She is also extremely supportive and puts emphasis on the importance of a well-rounded life not just food choices.
    Past client
  • Thank you Kristyn, you have listened to me and supported me to make choices to determine my own plan. Rather than giving me a script that I would have to fit in to and eventually tire of or fail at. I think I have good habits to keep moving forward with and building on.
    Past client
  • Kristyn responded to my many goals by giving me the guidance and information I needed to inform my diet and nutrition choices. I learned how to balance my meals throughout the day by adding foods and the right mix of carb, protein and fats. I didn't experience as many cravings and tamed the binges. I started to feed my body when it was hungry. My body and energy feels more balanced and stable.
    I tried some of the recipes she gave me and I'm cooking now. Which is not something I would have thought I would ever do as I didn't like cooking at all.  But now I crave these recipes and look forward to making them. I now believe that learning to cook is the only way to truly make the change to this being a lifestyle rather than a fad.
    Past client
  • Kristyn is a joy to work with! She is passionate about the profession, always ready to learn, and is absolutely professional when working with clients and colleagues! I will recommend her to all AB clients!
    Gloria Tsang, RD
    Author and Spokesperson at
  • Over the past couple of years, we've contracted Kristyn's services numerous times to present on behalf of our client, the BC Blueberry Council. She's hosted media events, presented a kids' cooking workshop, and done TV cooking segments for us. Kristyn has proven time and time again that she is a consumate professional: easy to deal with, well-prepared, reliable and detail-oriented, but also an engaging presenter and strong communicator. We would definitely recommend working with Kristyn!
    Wendy Underwood
    Fever Pitch Marketing Communications
  • Very pleasant personality - enthusiastic and passionate about nutrition and food.
    Past Client
  • Kristyn is informative, welcoming and very good at answering questions.
    Past Client
  • Awesome. Easy to understand and friendly.
    Past Client
  • Kristyn is fun and positive.
    Past Client
  • Engaging and enthusiastic. Very knowledgeable.
    Past Client
  • Kristyn was great – she has so much energy. Very informative.
    Past Client
  • I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVED the Gluten Free Baking class! I learned so much in that class and I can honestly say I have NEVER had gluten free food that tasted so good. All the tips and tricks were so fabulous that I have already been sharing my knowledge with my co-workers.
    Gluten-free baking class participant
  • Kristyn is an amazing resource on all things food, nutrition and well-being. She's always ready to serve up satisfying solutions whether actual food or lifestyle strategies. She is the real deal as an example of healthy living. From working together on a national Board and in a MasterMind group, she is highly professional, always dependable and exceptionally organized.  She works with a warm, collaborative style and always finds a way to bring out the best in people.
    Patricia Chuey, MSc, RD
    Foodtritionist & Author

Still not sure?

Book a discovery call to see if you want to work with me, and figure which package would work best for you.

Office Hours

I offer personalized coaching by telehealth and also in person, Mondays through Fridays, business hours.

Is it Covered?

Consultations with Nutritionists and Registered Dietitians are usually covered by Health Spending Accounts and/or your extended benefits plan. Check with your benefits coordinator.

Couples receive one client at 25% off.


Contact me to arrange payment for services.

  • For all packages and services, payment is due by the end of the first appointment.
  • I want you to be energized and completely satisfied with all nutrition services and packages once purchased. If you are not happy with the services provided, please let me know what you need. Please also provide record of your worksheets demonstrating the work you have done outside of our appointments. Partial refunds may be considered, provided you have not already been reimbursed by your insurance.
  • All services are charged to the client. We can prepare all necessary information for you to collect your benefits from insurance companies upon request.

Cancellations/Change of Appointment

  • To maintain our operations, we require 24 hours on business days (M-F) notice via email to change or cancel your appointment. Otherwise your session will be counted as completed and you will be charged the full amount of the session.
  • We will send you an email reminder of your appointment.
  • No charge for changes or cancellations up to 24 hours in advance of appointment. A 50% payment requested for cancellations thereafter.